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Syntax Records Website Awarded by

ChristSite awards are given to those sites that go far beyond the boundaries of an ordinary web site. When you list your site with, our reviewers look it over to make sure it is appropriate for our site. Occasionally, one of our reviewers will nominate it for an award. When this happens, we look it over for such things as: Content, Design, Technology, Originality, and Overall Impression. If you score more than 50/100, we give you a rating. Now, you might look at that and say, “50/100? That is too easy!”. Well, mark our words… To score 50/100 (3 star rating), your site is going to have to make us turn our heads. To score over 80/100 (4.5 star rating), your site will have to knock us off our chairs. And to score over 90 (5 star rating) … well, let’s just say, you would have to be in the top 1% of Christian sites.