RedCloud featured on URB Sampler #14 - Syntax Records

RedCloud featured on URB Sampler #14

Ridiculous Junk is featured on URB Sampler #14 paired out in the June issue of URB now.

Track Artist
1 Electronic Performers Air
2 Prefuse 72 (feat. MF DOOM and Aesop Rock) Blacklist
3 Romeo Basement Jaxx
4 MF DOOM Dead Bent
5 Digital (Version 2.2) Mia Doi Todd
6 Divine Styler Shen
7 Intangible MCs Foreign Legion
8 Mission Disturbing Behavior
9 P.O.T.T.L.E Kubiq
10 Bas-1 It’s a Klassik
11 Inside Shantel
12 Herbert Leave Me Now
13 Beautiful Mandalay
14 Ridiculous Junk (feat. Braille, MaxOne, Man of War and Gibraan) RedCloud
15 The Bangler (feat. Tiye Phoenix) The Last Emperor
16 DJ Spiller Positive
17 Relax Keoki