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A Rapper Known as Man of War

Why you so mad?

That’s easy. I am mad because this really good producer from my record label keeps selling his dope beats that I had planned to rip on my next album. No but seriously, I am just tired of people also thinking of Christians as fake little weaklings. So I represent Christ in a bold—all up in your face—type of way. I am also cuddly, so no need to trip. That’s the only way to let your light shine… by not being ashamed.

Is that a picture of you on the 10 Horn Daggers album cover?

Well yes and no. Yes, before the love years… or marriage as some call it. And no, but that’s a perfect example of how your spirit should look. Having the full armor of God on and being ready to swing your big ax when necessary.

Besides getting beat at basketball by me, what is your favorite past time?

I enjoy playing sports. I was raised by cool parents, and they took the time to make sure that me and my siblings were always active in something—some type of sport or club. I played soccer when I was young, where kicking mostly turned into fighting—the glory days. I played basketball in Jr. High where my team and I took first place. Then, in High School I played football, swimming, and wrestling! Nowadays, I enjoy mastering the art of volleyball—as it turns out—that game can be intense!

You have a second child on the way, how does that feel?

I guess we’re telling people now? It feels good man! I am so looking forward to another little one running around the house. In addition to adding to your family, the pregnancy of your wife is so much fun. They seem to have an extra glow about themselves. It’s hard to put into words, but there is just something dope about loving your wife who is carrying your child—right there in her tummy.

Who has prettier eyes, you or me?

For women who know what they like, it’s definitely me. For women who beat you in drag racing only to feel bad about it later, it’s definitely you!

What has God been up to?

God has always been there for me. When I turn to him, I experience his grace and mercy. Nothing beats that. Some people think that it lasts for a brief moment, when in actuality, it lasts forever. Unconditional love is mad cool. God is continuously molding and sharpening me, which is a dope everyday experience. Being a broken vessel before him and being used by Him at the same time is truly a blessing. I stay busy with shows, studio time, work and family time. However, I am never too busy for one of my best friends and his questions.