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Catch Syntax Records in the New Film Definitely, Maybe

Syntax Records hit the big screen recently with Universal Pictures’ romantic comedy Definitely Maybe starring Ryan Reynolds (Just Friends) and Abigail Breslin (Little Miss Sunshine). The film features two songs from Syntax’s own Night Owls vol. 1: Nocturnal Doctrine and Fashion Expo: Round1: TruHipHop. Listen close to get an earful from these albums during selected scenes.

Sackcloth Fashion’s Fashion Expo released in 2000, breaking records and raising the bar. More than 30 rap artists came together on the project, making it one of the biggest collaborations in hip-hop history. Those who lent their talents include GRITS, KJ-52, Ill Harmonics and POD member Marcos Curiel.

Night Owls vol. 1: Nocturnal Doctrine was the premier record in the now infamous “Night Owls” series. Nocturnal Doctrine started it all by introducing music moguls, hardcore fans and newcomers to rising hip-hop stars. Night Owls vol. 4: A Shot in the Dark released in January 2008 on Syntax Records and has set up residency on the CMJ Charts.

This isn’t the first time that Hollywood has highlighted the Syntax catalog. In fact you can hear Syntax in the following (but not limited to) films:

  • MGM Pictures: It Runs In The Family starring Michael Douglas (3 songs)
  • Warner Home Entertainment: Red Doors (4 songs)
  • Lions Gate Entertainment: The Prince & Me 2
  • Showtime Pictures: The Mudge Boy (4 songs)
  • Forty Shades of Blue starring Rip Torn
  • Love The Hard Way starring Adrien Brody and Pam Grier