Episode 48: Christmas - Syntax Records

Episode 48: Christmas

Host: MaxOne
Studio: Syntax
Engineer: ShaneNewville

Kaboose – “TheSynCast Intro”
AJB & AP – “The Real Meaning” (ft. AJB & Tonex)
NomiS – “Nut Cracker”
Bryan Duncan and the NehoSoul Band – “This Christmas”
Pettidee – “All I Want For Christmas” (ft. Juan and Lisa Winans)
Kaboose – “Knuckle Up” (Experiment X Remix) (ft. Shane Newville, Manchild & Playdough)
Tommy Percival – “Sidewalk Santa”
RedCloud, Jeremiah Bonds & Kaboose – “Three Kings” (ft. MaxOne & Shane Newville)
Vicki Winans – “We Wish You A Merry Christmas”