Lisa Hamel - Syntax Records


Born into a pastor’s family, Lisa ‘grew up’ in ministry. Lisa accepted Christ at a young age. In that same year she saw a Billy Graham crusade on TV. The woman that sang before Billy Graham’s sermon inspired Lisa to want to do the same thing: To bring people’s focus to God through music. That night Lisa felt God’s call to sing with all her heart and passion for His glory. At the age of 17, she left her home in Washington and joined “Sounds of Heritage”, the premier singing group of Christian Heritage College in San Diego.

She traveled with the group for three years and has since completed her degree in Music Theory. Currently, Lisa is teaching private voice lessons at Christian Heritage College. She was also the children’s choir director at Shadow Mountain Community Church. You can hear her and her work on the upcoming Sackcloth Fashion album “Something For Everyone To Hate”, as well as E-Roc’s “Avalanche” album on GrapeTree Records. Lisa’s life long dream is being fulfilled in ministering through her gift of music.