Episode 39: Braille of Lightheaded

Host: Shane Newville & MaxOne
Interview: Braille
Studio: Syntax
Engineer: Shane Newville

DJ Skillspinz – “Scratch of Fury”
Braille – “Submission Hold”
Eric Cross – “Dry My Eyes”
MotionPlus – “Fade Away”
Acts29 – “When The Smoke Clears” (feat. Kaylan Romero)
RedCloud – “Broken Jaw” (feat. Braille)
Viktory – “Hold Me Down” (feat. Marvin Winans Jr)
Othello – “Let’s Just”
Lojique – “Throne” (feat. Braille)
Rob Hodge – “Wait” (feat T.K.)
Braille – “Double Dose”