Episode 56: DJ Promote (Wages of Syntax vol. 2 Part 1)

Host: MaxOne
Engineer: Shane Newville
Studio: Syntax

Kaboose – “Goin Outta Control” (ft Royce Da 5’9″)
Braille – “The IV” (ft. Rob Swift)
RedCloud – “Hawthorne’s Most Wanted” (ft. Kurupt & Tonex)
L.A. Symphony – “Universal” (ft. Posdnuous of De La Soul)
Kaboose – “Knuckle Up (Experiment X Remix)” (ft. Shane Newville, Manchild & Playdough)
Sackcloth Fashion – “I Sigh”
Luke Geraty – “Pandemonium” (ft. Pigeon John)
RedCloud – “Traveling Circus” (ft. Sam Hart)
Sivion, Jeremiah Bonds, & Soul P – “First of All (Lolly Pops Remix)”
Othello – “Heart” (ft. Destro of Boom Bap Projects)