Episode 57: DJ Promote (Wages of Syntax vol. 2 Part 2)

Host: MaxOne
Engineer: Shane Newville
Rapzille News: Matt Pelishek
Studio: Syntax

Shane Newville – “Samurai Showdown (Double Dose remix)” (ft. Braille)
Def Shepard – “Side By Side”
RedCloud – “Guns & Roses (Rising Son’s Remix)” (ft. Jayo Felony & Tonex)
Freddie Bruno & k-Drama – “Hidden In The Bushes”
Braille – “Blessed Man”
Kaboose – “For You (Blessed Man Remix)” (ft. Braille & Christin Hart)
Othello – “Seasons Greetings” (ft. Siren’s Echo)
RedCloud – “Don’t Wear It Out (Journey Through My Mind Remix)”  (ft. Grits)
Kaboose – “Follow Me Now”
Man of War – “Move On”
RedCloud – “Boombox Saints (Waterworld Remix)”
Def Shepard – “Technique”
DJ Promote – “Thank You And Good Night”