RedCloud Interviewed in Murder Dog Magazine

Issue #74 with Slim Thug on the cover features a 2 pager spread on page 70 with your boy RedCloud!

“Nothing can get your attention like pain. Any other feeling you can disguise, but pain will bring you to your knees. Pain will make you ball up like a little baby and weep. Pain will get your attention. You can’t hide pain. And It’s the same when you’re composing a song, or any form of art. It’s¬†speaking to you.”

“Whatever people perceive to be a stereotype… On my cover I’m wearing a bandanna; That may be a stereotype. Every single song is going to have some type of West Coast influence just because of where I’m from. I can’t front and try and sound like I’m from the South. I can’t front and sound like I’m from the East Coast.”