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A rapper known as Adeem

How do you pronounce rocdomz?

Well i expect that it’s Middle Eastern or perhaps Spanish… so I would say ROCKUS-VON FUNKEY DOMEZZZZ—or something like that. With the ‘E’s being silent.

What country are you from?

I’m from the North Pole—which is why I look like an elf.

What is on the horizon for Adeem?

I’m hoping that things take off, I get the opportunity to tour more and all this music I have done gets out to the masses. I’m also going to buy a small country off the coast of Galapagos and raise battle rappers.

What is your favorite record label that starts with and S and ends in a X?

Sussex. They have some dope 45s.

What has God revealed to you recently?

I’m always learning, but i think God has taught me that it’s all about “paying dues”.