Aphire Interviews Timothy "rocdomz" Trudeau - Syntax Records

Aphire Interviews Timothy “rocdomz” Trudeau

Aphire recently sat down with rocdomz, Syntax Records co-founder and main producer, to discuss life and music.

What is the origin of Sackcloth Fashion and Syntax Records?

It is really tough to pin point a definite origin, because the movement was in place at a very early age, some of the titles, and professionalism came later. For example my brother was professionally recording his raps at 17, and manufacturing his own discs. It wasn’t on Syntax Records, and the name ‘Sackcloth Fashion’ wasn’t anywhere to be found on the project, but it was definitely a part of the history of both entities you speak of. Sackcloth Fashion became known by that name after playing for a packed tent of 4,000 music fans at Cornerstone 96 when realized they needed a name if they were going to be doing shows.

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