Amped 3 Licenses 27 Different Syntax Records' Songs! - Syntax Records

Amped 3 Licenses 27 Different Syntax Records’ Songs!

Amped 3 is a snowboarding game. Throughout the game’s story, you make friends and lose friends, discover new enemies, go on a full blown adventure, and the game’s way of presenting this is top-notch. The cut-scenes are straight out of a pop-art display, with strange sock puppets, arcade-style snippets, action figures, and paper cutouts pulling the story along. It has plenty of quirky oddities that you rarely see in games. In addition to great storytelling, the dialogue and voice acting is also unique. The game features musical segments, 90s style commercial pieces, and much more to keep the player laughing throughout.

Green Olive Tree:

  • Green Olive Tree – Dagobah
  • Green Olive Tree – Fake (False)
  • Green Olive Tree – Pull

Cowboys & Monsters:

  • Freezing Tree
  • Race Car Fire

Sackcloth Fashion:

  • The New Song
  • Lolly Pops
  • Clay
  • Strange Chemistry
  • Dues For Cashews
  • Journey Through My Mind
  • How We Do
  • Traveling
  • Tight With Lasso
  • Perceptions


  • Instramentalude Pt. 1
  • Case Logic


  • When The Smoke Clears
  • Deja Vu
  • See Clear
  • Blank Minds


  • Ridiculous Junk
  • When Kenpo Strikes

Man of War

  • Verbal Junk

Mr. Rogers

  • Relax Ya Soul