SolSeekers - Syntax Records


In 1997 at the urging of mutual friends, Sage and Capture collaborated and SolSeekers was born. Since then the duo has built a rep in the underground performing with the likes of Future Shock, Tunnel Rats, LA Symphony, Spontaneous, Abstract Rude, Living legends and others. In early 2000 they met up with a Sacramento based DJ/producer by the name of DJ DNA. Sage has since left the group and renamed himself as JustMe.

CAPTURE: Capture The Elusive is one of hip-hop’s newest talents. With a distinct voice and clever lyrics, he provides the perfect compliment to DJ DNA’s production. Making guest appearances on Ajax’s Audio Odyssey, Stu Dent’s Altered State, and Future Shock’s The Art of Xenos (entertaining aliens), Capture is well on his way to making a name for himself and the Solseekers. Having gigged with Future Shock for the past four years, Capture has gained the experience necessary to rock live shows in any venue. It is certain that Capture and Solseekers will be around for years to come.

DJDNA: “DNA derives from the strands of my creativity forming the body of my music,” says DJ DNA, “so in 1994 I started labeling my mix-tapes and rocking house parties under the name DJ DNA.” Soon after he joined the “360” dj and production crew with DJ Misak and DJ Anonymous. Producing tracks for various Sacramento mc’s, DNA gained experience in studio production in preparation for his future in the music industry.

In early 2000, DNA shared the stage with two San Diego based groups, Future Shock and the Solseekers. Throughout that year DJ DNA began recording with both groups and eventually joining Capture in reconstructing the Solseekers. DJ DNA has done production and for several groups and compilations, such as, Future Shock, Solseekers, the Inklings, Soul Components, Fashion Expo, and The Night Owls. As well, he has shared the stage with groups, such as, KRS- ONE, LA Symphony, Spontaneous, The fingerbangerz, Soul Components, Dirt, The CUF, Addict Merchants, Hase and ISK.